Frequently ASked Questions 


Can you dry fresh flowers inside the Curidor? 

Yes (with caveats). The Curidor is not meant to be a "set it and forget it" solution for drying and curing. It is an artisan's tool to help protect and preserve the terpenes and potency of your flowers and oils. As with any tool, it will take some trial, error and practice to perfect for your style and preferences. The biggest constraint of doing your Primary Dry (traditionally a 7-14 day hang dry) inside the Curidor is the size of your harvest.

What is the recommended temperature for my Curidor? 

In general, we like our Curidors set around 54F for flowers and closer to 40F for oils. While lower temperatures do a better job at slowing and stopping terpene volatilization, they also cause trichome stalks to become brittle - making the heads more susceptible to mechanical separation without careful handling. As with life, there is a balance that must be stuck for each Cannoisseur.

Can you ship my Curidor to an international address? 

We are still working out international shipping and importation agreements, stay tuned to our Instagram page (@curidor) for the latest updates.

What size are the spaces between the shelves? 

As delivered, the middle shelves are about 2.5" apart with the top shelf coming in closer to 3.5" and the bottom most compartment (half the depth of the others) is just under 7" tall. All of the shelves are also removable to accommodate taller containers and reconfiguration.

How is the Curidor different from a normal refrigerator? 

The Curidor features a modified cooling cycle,  99.99% UV protected glass, child-safe lock and an optimized temperature and humidity range specific to high terpene content materials.

There is water in the back of my unit, what should I do? 

As with any refrigerant cycle condensation is inevitable. Included with your Curidor is a drip tray which should nearly always accommodate for the condensation created by the unit and allow it to evaporate away without user input. However, in high humidity conditions the rate of condensation can surpass the rate of evaporation. In this case, it may be necessary to empty your drip tray periodically or wipe out some moisture with a clean, dry cloth. As stated in the user manual, it is recommended that you perform regular defrost cycles to extend the life and performance of your Curidor.

Can I set the humidity level inside of my Curidor? 

Humidity is not directly controllable on the digital interface but is more easily managed manually inside of the climate controlled unit.