CurePro™ Inert Priming Gas


CurePro™ Inert Priming Gas is essential for creating a secure environment for storing terpene-rich material.

By displacing Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Ambient Humidity CurePro™ Inert Priming Gas ensures the products in storage stay as brightly colored, flavorful and medicinally effective as the day they went in to storage.

Not only is it great for short or long term storage, it is perfect for topping off jars that are being opened regularly. Minimizing the material’s exposure to oxygen is crucial for maintaining the products true integrity and value.

Using only 100% Food Grade Argon Gas, this product is 100% Green Certified and Made in the USA.

One can of CurePro™ Inert Priming Gas yields over 100 uses, capable of storing up to 2 lbs. of dried flowers or other terpene-rich material.


100% Food Grade Argon

Green Certified

Made in the USA

Net weight: 0.29oz (8.2g)

Over 100 uses per can yielding 3.75 gallons of Priming Gas capable of storing up to 2 lbs of dried flowers

Keep out of the reach of children

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 3 in
CurePro Argon Case

CurePro™ Inert Priming Gas (1), CurePro™ Inert Priming Gas (case)


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