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Benefits and Features

Climate Control

Climate Controlled

Climate Controlled

Digital temperature control for storage of flowers and/or concentrates. 

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Stainless Steel Construction

Stainless Steel Construction

Durable, abrasion resistant exterior finish that is modern and lightweight.

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Security Lock

Security Lock

Child-resistant barrel lock ensures safe access.

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Ample Storage Capacity

Ample Storage Capacity

The Curidor™ XL 2.0 comfortably stores over 4 pounds of jarred dried flowers.

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99.99% UV Protection

99.99% UV Protection

Prevents premature degradation from ambient UV light and promotes color retention.

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Eco-Friendly Cooling and Operation

Eco-Friendly Cooling and Operation

State of the art, environmentally friendly compressor and low energy consumption design.

Why Curidor?

The Curidor is proven to increase the shelf-life of terpene-rich organic material for over 1-year without detectable loss of terpenes or potency. By investing in a Curidor™ not only are you protecting your high-value products from premature degradation, you are showing your commitment to excellence.


Trusted Brands who Use Curidor

"Excellent company with great customer service and communication, with an excellent array of unique products that fulfill the needs of several different types of consumers."

David A., A Curidor Customer

"Great for curing and storage. Can't live without it now. Plus the lock on the bottom really adds for a sense of security."

Ericka L., A Curidor Customer

"Well worth the investment!
Really great product. I’m so pleased with the results. Thank you!"

Christopher M., A Curidor Customer

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