"From a little spark may burst a flame"
- Dante Alighieri -
Close up of growing cannabis plant flowering

The Spark

The idea is pretty easy to grasp; terpene-rich products stay better in a cool dark place, free from oxygen and changes in moisture content. 

If you can control those main factors, we’ve proven you can preserve the flavor and effect of your stash for up to 12x longer with the Curidor™.

The Flicker

The Curidor™ was conceived of by Parker Sullivan in the hills of beautiful Sonoma County as a way to preserve terpene-rich flowers and oils as effectively and simply as possible. 

A passionate cultivator and breeder himself, watching someone pull their stash out of a hot plastic bag after the months of care the farmer put into it just felt wrong. 

Drawing on his experience from South Carolina tobacco farming, Parker knew there was a better way to preserve the delicate terpenes, phenols and esters that make each chemotype unique.

Landscape of mountains, grass, and vineyards in california
Temperature setting and buttons on the curidor xl 2. 0

The Flame

We believe that every bit of flower and oil you consume should be as close to farm-fresh as possible. 

Every product from Curidor™ is created with one goal in mind – to preserve the potency, flavor and effect of your stash. Or, as we like to say, keeping terps loud, growers proud.